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    Intern-07 uw


    【Video】 playing time → 21 minutes 23 seconds
    【Photos】 number → 96 sheets

    I came to the workplace experience of woman diver. I will dive into the pool while I wear a recruitment suit with accessories (necklace, ring, bracelet) thrown into the pool!

    Practice exercising, putting a face on the pool, stopping breathing. And, to get used to the water, cup water, cuffs, back, put in and gradually get used to the water!

    At last it dives in the pool and picks up accessories, photographing the scene picking up the accessory sinking in the pool while wearing a jacket at first.

    Next time I put a camera underwater while wearing a jacket, and shoot a dive scene in the water.

    At the end I took off the jacket and photographed the scene in the water.

    You can appreciate scenes where charcoal gray suit suddenly gets wet, scenes underwater, scene of sheer bra and various scenes!

  • Model is a Japanese woman

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