I sell videos. Please watch the scene you want to see and enjoy! (Download sales system I have been entrusted to XCREAM).


You can use a credit card payment method.

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    Press play button to play. If you want to watch it again please login from Purchased item.
    Image quality changes depending on the communication speed, Please check the Sample video.


    Download the file of the desired size to PC, Smart phone, Tablet and play it.

    ・Image quality


    Video can be watched at full high vision (1920×1080).
    There are 5 types of image quality for both streaming and downloading. (1080 p, 720 p, 480 p, 360 p, 240 p)

    Inquiries concerning video playback. → XCREAM


    Wet series
    Slimy series
    Messy series
    Sweat series
    Feet collection

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